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Makin rakhees. I love this holiday

Makin rakhees. I love this holiday



For everyone who says ‘henna just shows up better on white skin,’  guess what else shows up better on white skin? bruises.

Contrary to what the SJWs will have folks believing, hatred and aggression towards a specific group of people shows up on EVERY skin color just fine.

Omg look at this crybaby

Just another classist white vegan.


I’m Asian.

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I love not being white



do guys sit around hoping that a girls dupatta or bangles will get caught in their sherwani or is that just not a thing

Oh its a thing

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So I've been clearing out our attic and I came across old pictures. Started looking through them and found a picture of my dad's dick! (I only know it l's his because of the hand/feet in the picture) - now I can't even look at him without mentally seeing that awful image. Help. I feel so sick. Ugh.



Meeras [Nilofer Couture] 

yaaaaaassssss oh my god 

Another shameless plug

Hey guys, we’re still accepting submissions for thebindicollective, an online magazine by and for South Asian women.  Let me know if you’re interested in submitting anything from short stories to poetry to spoken word to articles to essays to photography.  You can message me through my ask, the ask box at thebindicollective, or by email at  Thank you!

I just downloaded crystal version to my ipad because i’m an idiot who can’t do her work without intentionally distracting herself. ugh.

still gonna play it tho.

I work at a small drug store and I've seen this white girl (in her early 20s) come in a few times with kurta and bindi on. Every time I see her that's all she's wearing. At first I didn't say anything because I thought she was going to a desi wedding but the kurta she wears isn't even fancy it's like what my grandma wears at home. And she had like a Indian design purse(the ones you can buy on the street in India)Should I say something to her? She's also came in with henna too.

I think you should talk to her (if you’re feeling brave enough) and see why she’s doing what she’s doing.  If it sounds problematic (which it probably is) then feel free to call her out on it.  But this is too odd a situation to just assume something.